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Dear Readers,


Still water: when water stops flowing, becoming a hazard to the environment.


            As summer comes and goes, and water stills, we find ourselves standing stagnant in our lives. We look back at past summers with nostalgia, regret, grief. We find ourselves unable to move, tangled in the mossy waters of the human experience. The longer we dwell, stuck in these still waters, the more we deteriorate back into the past as the once healthy water becomes toxic, compromising the foundations we have built upon. Desperate for release, we create; we string words into poems, feelings into art. We divulge ourselves into our poetry, pushing back against the still water that fights so desperately to hold onto us.

          The Beacon is a student run literary journal created with the intent to create a writer’s community that uplifts student voices. A special thank you to everyone who made this edition possible.


The Beacon

Still Waters 

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