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Submissions to our Spring '24 Issue are now open!


We will be accepting submissions for our Spring Issue until February 16th, 2024. Any submissions that we receive later than this date will be considered for later Issues. 

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Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your work for consideration, please take a look at our five guidelines. 

Please note that we will not be accepting any work that contains overtly hateful or discriminatory content. The BU Beacon is committed to uplifting all student voices and to maintaining a safe, supportive space for all writers regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, identity, or background to express themselves freely.


Please also note that plagiarizing is unacceptable and against University policy.


The BU Beacon publishes only the works of current Boston University Students, both graduate and undergraduate.


We are looking for works of creative writing, including, but not limited to: poetry, short stories, non-fiction prose, scripts, journal entries, ruminations, etc. We will not accept academic papers. Feel free to write about any subject you like; explicit content is allowed and will not be censored. 


Your submission should be no longer than ten pages of writing. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. 


You may submit up to five works you wish to be considered. 


In order to maintain fairness in the review process, we ask that you do not include your name on the document. 

Send us your work!

To submit your work, please send your documents/files to our email account. Files cannot be uploaded through this site. 
Have any questions?
Shoot us an email!
Thanks for submitting!
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