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of all the things i want
Katie McHugh

i want to burn the world. 

i want to rip my heart out, my hair out, 

my skin.

i want to leave these crumbs for 

lost children to find, and when they do

i want to say “come join me.”

i want to wipe the innocence from my eyes

the honey from my fingertips. 

i want Death to cower ‘neath my name.

i want souls to pour like tears from my eyes,

carve scars of shadow to my lips.

i want to smash fine china;

smother constellations;

speak words and wine and wisdom

and be told to not swallow my tongue

but savor it.

i want to lay naked before a cacophony of sound,

to get high on sea salt and

drunk off waves.

i want to be in control,

to graffiti my father’s face

and ban the word “useless” as an adjective.

i want to take God’s mother as He once took my own, 

plucked from the safety of a dream.

i want to write a letter to love.

i want it to write a letter in return.

i want to know justice, freedom, truth, karma, 

beauty, heat, sex, sovereignty,

to have my hair braided and have sweet

nothings whispered in my ear.

i want to forgive and be forgiven.

i want to hope no more, wish no more, seek no more, pray

no more, trust no more, need no more,

want no more.

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