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Ode to Shirley
Beth Huelsenbeck

My stout and sturdy MacBook Pro,
Thou hast left me adrift in a river of woe.
On these waters, where once we labored and laughed,
My burdened iPhone is my only life raft.

For despite the IT man’s ministrations so deft,
Of a logic board, thou art bereft.
Indeed, there’s no logic to thy fatal necrosis,
And thy loss fills my mind with illogic psychosis.

From essays on Dante to Dragon Age lore,
To Star Trek, to Sims, to poetry quite poor,
Thou hast carried me, fearless, on this strange college journey;
In thy absence I’m but a cripple on a Stone Age gurney.

All these years I have taken thee for granted
When I should have been grateful, bewitched and enchanted.
Beloved laptop, thou who hast left me too early:
With mournful respect, I now dub thee Shirley.


O Shirley, thou art lovely, with thy space grey exterior;
How can I proceed with a laptop inferior?
To the Apple Store I suppose I now must travel,
But my heartstrings your memory will forever unravel.

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