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Dear Readers,

Umbilical: a central or vital connection or link between two entities.

     We come into this life through the mother, interlocked through the flesh of the umbilical cord. Therefore, we invite you into this issue through a mother’s guiding hand. This collection is an exploration of the connections we create, the ones we hold on to desperately, and the ones that are only beneficial once we cut them away.

     As we come of age, love, grief, and family return us to concepts of connection and disconnection. Desperate for intimacy, with others or with art, we do what we must in search for attachment. Looking down at our discarded flesh, we find the remnants of our past and the seeds of our future. We decompose and compose, and thus we rebuild.

   The Beacon is a student-run literary journal created with the intent to create a writer’s community that uplifts student voices. A special thank you to everyone who made this edition possible.

With Love,

The Beacon


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