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Rock into Bone 

Dear Readers,

           Rock into Bone is an excavation of our mortality – of what it means to reflect, infest, and escape it. Pressing rock into bone, we confront our vices through literary expedition. We invite you to join us in exploring what it means to dig up the dead and put it to rest. This reverse-burial grieves for our pasts burrowed beneath the dirt and attempts to reveal them.

           In mining our lives for meaning, the following pieces ask us to reflect - not in the glassy veneer of water but in the muddy truth of earth. Perhaps it is beneath the ground where our answers will be found. In seeking these fossils within ourselves, we promise to preserve our growth. We vow to break through rock and reveal our bones anew.

           The Beacon is a student-run literary journal created with the intent to create a writer’s community that uplifts student voices. A special thank you to everyone who made this edition possible.

The Beacon

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