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The Pursuit of Everything Free

Ryan Trostle

“Never freedom except for freedom” 

-André Breton 

Freedom is the plus grande principe 

The foundling hermaphrodite Father udder 

Of law and order collapsing supernovas 

Dictation and suffusion not judgment 

Freedom to soak the arena, to weave limericks 

Is the same as suffrage and lightning and scalping

And the mutilation of the scalper and the praise of the limerick

Bear arms, bare arms, bare chested 

But freedom is not amendments, Locke 

Freedom as a protected parcel 

is not freedom at all 

It can’t be dipped in or used to hold papers 

It is God it is textiles it is shrike feathers 

Gilded explosion with no outline or color 

But any color could be part of its octopus 

Freedom of noir, shiro, asfar, as far as 

An orange armoire of diamantine ribbon wheels 

Entropy is freedom, freedom if it were 

a superlative- there is or there isn’t 

Ultimatums are freedom 

Funerals are freedom 

If I cry it’s freedom too 

If I bleed it’s freedom too 

But if I never die it is compromised 

Life is subject too 

Coral veins splitting under heel 

Conflagrations burgeoning hydrangeas on fire 

Wastes of falling blossoms, blades, pathless 

Freedom is the street—accretion rests on the curb 

We kill behind sliding doors steamed up 

from sex on the concrete 

At the corner by the canals and bronze lamp posts 

Perpendicular to us and powered by rotting fate 

We had sex on the concrete, too

Fate is freedom 

for it is our freedom to believe in it 

Painting collars of muscadines on matryoshkas 

Bathing torn fingertips in holy glacial alcohol These are all freedom 

Nero knew it, Moses never did 

Scuppernongs in a cheese tart 

Art of what blue really looks like 

Bending light balloon animals 

Apple slices pixelated thirty-two 

Dark matter and jingle bells 

Pirouettes amputations 

Gecko tails lost in bar fights 

The rain and the well 

And the village and the self 

War is freedom 

War wages in its uterus for its heart 

Stolen crystal inlaid in wire 

Entrails dashing bark 

Sunburns to light and salve dark 

Transgressions typifying evil 

  fertilize the apple blossom of the World

Love wobbles into tears pain never was 







Hi to the pigs at the station 

Stationed colibris 

Scarlet trees from saltpeter 

Spears of salted asparagus 

Jousts and halberds 

Language of lances 

Charge the gates 

Kiss his lips 

Rip the sockets

Grapple for life

Grapple for glory








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