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touch and go

Jahiem Jones

and the fire burnt all night long 

with a warm that would last past you 

even with your matches lit 

your cigarette was my favorite smell 

you linger around this cabin 

much like the dust sprinkled across the room 

when you offered me your whiskey 

young hearts doubled with intoxication 

and you marked me with your lips 

a feeling that will continue to haunt 

i didn’t know that you were the type to con 

but now i know 

you’re a heartbreak’s favorite muse 

troubled at the heart 

your words cut deep but you feel so good 

like i can try too 

and even when i wait for it 

why can i never relate to it? 

and the poems are always about you 

i can never seem to let you go 

with our bodies twisted in the bed 

and the fire intense to a marigold 

i know if i asked, you wouldn’t stay 

but i’m too sapped for touch and go’s 

now i wait beside the bed 

positioned in your favorite spot 

sipping from my day-old coffee 

while i watch wisteria grow from the walls 

where have your lips been all this time? 

because i know you’re not fully mine


with your coat hanging by the door 

i never know when you’re coming home 

and the chimney fire burned out 

so i just sit in the december cold 

i haven’t felt you in a while 

but you know i’ll stay for touch and go's

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