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Numerology 4 Dummies

Inaya Abdul-Haqq


one too many times i’ve seen the sequence

numerology escapes me and so 

three strikes later i write it off as mere coincidence

not ‘fore i google angel numbers 



after a while it starts to get to me 

there are too many minutes in the day for me to see

it’s twelve thirty four every time i glance at a clock

and somehow I know before it even happens the

sequence is out to get me 

one is the sun 

a steadfast leader beheld for all to see 

and yet 

one is all alone 

then comes two - the moon 

two desires harmony 

and so she joins one in her solitude 

considerate and willing to make way for love 

three's jupiter 

wise enough to know her friend’s desires

satiates their need for companionship 

although never quite able to make it last 

four says cold, harsh uranus 

rigid in her stability and quick to line up the rest

it’s only fair to have the stickler end the sequence

setting the tone for their statement 


she starts to make sense to me 

because one leads the way 

two lights the path

three offers what is not reciprocated 

so four closes themself to those who do not deserve 

1234 - i am her 

i am the one 

willing two give my all to be loved 

offering three more chances to the jaded never

stable enough to reap blessings brought fourth 


4321 - i flip her on her back 

january 4 was the last time i thought of you i

whisper my prayers three times for good measure

when i see a pair of lovers my heart thumps twice

and when i rest my head at night i know one is alone

because she likes solitude - so that it shall be

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