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Decay of Eden

Sana Muneer

My rotting body decays in the greenery Parched skin

crushing the blades beneath Flowers grow

like weeds from my failing arteries, Decorating

me like a wreath 

Blooming from my blood 

Yet shriveling to the kiss of burnt air 

Petals fall in dozens 

Laying to rest in my hair 

Sun spots disappear 

Once splattered across my cheeks 

A forest of freckles falls 

What once stood tall, now weak 

Scars jagged across my arms 

Where an expanse of mountains reign

Blood seeps through the cracks 

White peaks red with pain 

A reflection wavers in the storm 

Bruised birthmarks begin to fade 

A weary soul unravels in waves 

And history washes away 

My creations rise to meet each other 

In a fruitless dance of conquest 

These hands are not the ones I know 

I am surrendering now to rest 

Looking up above 

The sky whispers its pleas 

Beckoning me to save it 

As humans sink to their knees 

Your arrogance burns me 

And your world crumbles beyond repair

How can you not hear?

I’ve been screaming to the air 

A soul turned to ash 

Endless chances sacrificed for pleasure

Futile attempts to save me 

In the end, there was no good measure

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