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30 Birds


Piss poor so my flask talks to my testament

Pray more but all I am is a bad precedent 

Spent youth trying to gather too many dead presidents


Leverage when? 

Legs weary let the flame flicker 

Neck strained as my face limpers 

The bottle is a film, my favorite fixture 

Not sure which gate I’ll be led to 

At my own behest to  

Though I must confess to  

Never being there for my children  

All on the surface like a tattoo  

I’m passed out face screwed  

I hope I cap off and size my casket up soon 

30 birds cry over for each year I drank through But

no one asked why this is what I was drawn to A

monster, a monster, hark back to Camus 

I seek solace within, because that is who I failed through 

I seek repentance from my children, 

30 birds cry over for each year I stole from you

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