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Period Piece 

Ju Derraik

The movies I watch have women, restricted

in whalebone and in ribbon. 

Gracefully, they carry plaits weighted

down to their waist, pulled taut, pulled out for them, 

and so naturally,

they’re Hysterical. 


They take the air

and take the sea

and take their tea in a landslide of satin

between leaden walls with

just one sugar.

They take to prayer,

and take orders,

and take care of babies,

and take Utmost Precaution to Avoid Excitation

then take whatever laymen

they must.


I am taken with them, 

their Melancholia;

the music of whalebone splintering.


I know what it means to take 

kingdoms of taking,

so at least my attention- 

I give. 

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